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Artist and Studio information


Debbie Weimert is an internationally known, award winning doll and figurative artist. She has been published in numerous magazines. Her artistic growth into figurative sculpting started in 2003 when she became interested in One of a Kind (OOAK) artdolls. This Maryland artist is well aware of her eclectic muse and overactive imagination. The daydreaming that used to get her into trouble as a child, now is the vehicle that brings forth the magical creatures that she sculpts. She has a fantastic gift of bringing those daydreams to life. She now also brings dragons and other fantasy creatures to life through acrylic paint pouring.


This is what the artist has to say of herself:

“How do you explain who you are without looking into the depths of your soul from whence your dreams come? A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, I am all of these and more. A Christian, a doll collector, a baseball fan, an artist, I am all of these and more. I am me. I am a one of a kind. There is no one else exactly like me.

How precious are the thoughts of God that I find hidden everywhere. It is on those thoughts that my imagination thrives. It is those thoughts that make me who I am and bring my art work to life. It is the fantastic imagination that He has blessed me with. How can I not create? I create to honor The Creator.”


About the studio and classes:

Debbie loves to share her knowledge of these artforms. She loves connecting with other artists and also teaching potential artists. She encourages individuals to participate in scheduled events and is flexible for those who need to schedule their own dates and times. She encourages solo/individual classes because she feels the one on one teaching is the most beneficial.

DayDreamerDebbie’s studio is a small, intimate setting that supplies everything needed to create. We max out at 6 people… which is perfect!

For those who would like longer classes, we do offer 5-day classes. Contact us for prices and information.

For an additional price we have a small apartment for individuals who come from out of town/state can stay. It will accommodate 2 people. It is first come first serve so you must check on the availability before signing up for class. Lodging will then be added into your total price. There are also several hotels in the area.

Our class prices reflect the variables for each class (things like level of the artist, difficulty of the subject being taught, amount of materials needed, length of class, and lodging if provided). The prices include materials and instructions. Some meals may be provided (as stated in each individual class schedule). Tools are provided for use in class but students are welcome to bring their own.

Our classes are fun and informative but because of preparation time and materials purchased, we want you to be serious about taking our classes so we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS. We ask that you keep this in mind when signing up for classes. Please contact us if you cannot attend a class. We may be able to reschedule you. 


My Medium

For figurative sculpting I use polymer clay and air dry clay to create my figurative art and artdolls. Their features are painted with Genesis heat set paints or acrylics. I love working with leather for doll clothing but also incorporate vintage doll clothes and other findings.

For some of my sculptures I use shells and wood and sculpt unique creatures coming from those natural items.

I love doing flow painting with acrylic paints and Floetrol.


My Inspiration

I have been blessed with an overactive imagination so I get my inspiration from everywhere. Nature is full of inspiration. I look at a piece of wood or a shell and I see a creature emerging. The beautiful faces of my grandchildren (I have 13 of them!) inspire me to create my elves and fairies. Flea market and yard sale treasures have brought many of my daydreams to life. 

 How precious are the thoughts of God that I find hidden everywhere. It is on those thoughts that my imagination thrives. It is those thoughts that make me who I am and bring my art work to life. It is the fantastic imagination that He has blessed me with. How can I not create? I create to honor The Creator. 

Check Us Out



I love to teach other people what I know. 

Classes are now being booked. There is something for everyone.  I offer classes for 1 - 6 people. Classes vary and can be a one day class all the way up to a 5 day class. 

I encourage people to book one on one classes.

For one on one, 5 day classes we include lodging and 2 meals per day in the price. You get all of the attention.

If lodging is needed for the smaller classes, you can contact me and if the apartment is available we can add that into your price. If the apartment is not available we can point you to a nice hotel in the area.

Classes must be paid for in advance.

I also take appointments. If you would like help on a sculpting or flow painting project you can book an appointment. Or if you wish to come talk to me about a commission you may book an appointment. Prices vary for appointments and can be paid on the day of.

Announcing Future Classes

Were so excited about doing classes. Keep an eye out for future classes that have not been booked yet. A sneak peak of what is coming up in the next couple of months- How to sculpt a Elf ( I love to sculpt elves!) How to sculpt a Pumpkin head character. How to sculpt a Santa. Making a bjd dragon. And probably a dragon bobblehead. I love dragons! 


Since we are just starting this adventure in my studio there is nothing to post yet. I have taught classes elsewhere and get glowing reviews. So if you take one of my classes please share the happiness on social media and will post it here.

Current Deals

To celebrate our new studio we are offering a one time introductory price for our first class! We only have room for 6 people in this class so don't miss out. Check out the class info on the Class Information page.

Exciting News

DayDreamerDebbie has recently moved her studio to a bigger better room. It is still located in her home but it is better than ever. So now we can start on our dream of teaching classes!


If you have a question please don't hesitate to contact me. I can then start putting the answers here.